25 things Living at Gaines Teaches you (and you now think are totally normal)

  1. Getting annoyed when a kid beats you at any game because you’re actually more competitive than they are
  2. At least one kid losing a shoe in the lake every time you do rafting
  3. Having a bonfire every Friday night is totally normal right?!
  4. There never being the right number of pillows and duvets in each bedroom at the end of a weekend (how does that even happen?!)
  5. Finding mugs in completely random places when you clean the main house
  6. Only realising your car is quite dirty when you go to the supermarket…
  7. Playing chase the delivery driver round the house EVERY time there’s a delivery
  8. Waiting for a pheasant to cross the road almost every time you drive anywhere
  9. Having to drive everywhere
  10. Being totally spoilt with acres of grounds
  11. Not being surprised when you get stuck behind a tractor
  12. Secretly really enjoying having Mondays off, knowing that almost everyone else is at work
  13. It being totally acceptable to not leave the house all day on a day off
  14. Trying to explain what you do to pretty much anyone and them not really getting it
  15. Not caring what you wear because let’s face it there’s no one to impress – you live in the middle of nowhere
  16. Jumping completely out of your skin when you see the cat (if you’ve worked at Gaines, you know which cat I’m referring to!)
  17. Feeling a little bit out of place when you go into town because you haven’t seen so many people in one place since… well the last time you were in town
  18. Having a stack of tesco crates higher than you outside the kitchen
  19. Wearing at least 100 layers in the office in winter
  20. Getting weirdly excited when you visit friends or family that there’s a supermarket less than a 15 minute drive away
  21. Playing pothole bingo on a regular basis
  22. Walking all round the house to find the one person you need to speak to
  23. The constant soundtrack of cows or reversing vehicles from the farm
  24. Having an equal love and hatred of the A44
  25. Chasing the geese…

Author: rachelnunns

Working at Gaines Manor for Camp XL.

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